Microsoft’s Xbox One Controllers Now Work With PCs

I’ve been gaming on a PC lately, and despite some initial frustration, it’s been fun overall. But I’ve also been using an old Xbox 360 controller, even though I have and love Xbox One controllers now for the overpriced Netflix box + Kinect I somewhat foolishly bought last year. Today, Microsoft released PC drivers for the Xbox One controller, making it possible to use the sleek game manipulators with no special hardware, albeit requiring a wired connection via micro USB.

For those who haven’t used one, the Xbox One controller ditches the bulky battery pack of the Xbox 360 version, and generally improves the feel of buttons, analog sticks and responses in my opinion. It’s much better for prolonged gaming sessions in my opinion, which means it’ll be perfect for my continued Watch Dogs play, which currently involves studiously doing everything except for playing through the main storyline.

Funny story though: Windows SmartScreen didn’t want to let me install the drivers, since they were from an “unknown source.”