AR Startup Daqri Hires Ex-Raytheon Exec Andy Lowery As It Expands Sales To Industrial Clients

Augmented reality startup Daqri sees a big opportunity for its “4D” technology to be used by industrial clients. To lead the charge into engineering and manufacturing businesses, the company has hired former Raytheon executive Andy Lowery as president.

Daqri was originally founded to provide brands, agencies, and media companies with tools to create new experiences around regular everyday objects. Clients have used the technology to build campaigns that, when viewed through a smartphone or tablet, allows users can see additional media or interact with objects nearby in new ways.

But these are exciting times for augmented reality, thanks to an increase in the number of potential new platforms to develop on — like, for example, the Oculus Rift. The company is also learning that its technology can be used in a wide variety of new verticals, including education, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

That’s where Lowery comes in. He served as chief engineer and engineering director for Raytheon’s Electronic Warfare Systems business unit, which was responsible for more than $800 million in sales. Prior to that, he worked as a general managers in a division of Tyco Electronics, where he oversaw a commercial electronics product line.

At Raytheon, Lowery was also a customer of Daqri’s, which was used in part for education and logistics analysis. In his new role, he’ll be charged with helping to build the company’s practice around industrial sectors that include aerospace, robotics, energy, manufacturing, and transportation.

Today, the bulk of Daqri’s revenues are still from the entertainment side of its business, but Lowery sees a number of applications that could increase efficiency in the industrial sector while also improving safety there.

Daqri has raised a total of $17 million in funding, including a $15 million Series A round last summer led by Tarsadia Investments. It’s also grown a lot over the past year, to about 100 employees.

But with a huge opportunity in the industrial sector, the company could look to expand a lot faster. And that’s something Lowery is very excited about.