Our New Favorite Mad Scientist Builds A Terrifying Wrist-Mounted Flame Thrower In His Garage

Insane garage mad scientist Colin Furze promised three absurd X-Men themed projects by the end of the month — and man, has he delivered.

First came his ridiculous, automatically extendable Wolverine claws. Then came his Magneto boots, which let him walk upside down across the ceiling. His last project, though, might be the most dangerous of the lot: wrist-mounted flame throwers.

Built in homage to flame-tossing baddie Pyro, the system uses a backpack-rigged fueling system that pushes a ton of propane out juuuuust fast enough that Furze doesn’t singe his own digits.

To keep it a bit more accurate to the character (who needed a lighter to spark his flames), Furze’s ridiculous creation requires a bit of two-handed coordination: one hand acts as the lighter, while the other works as the fuel source. This also (theoretically) keeps him from accidentally shooting off that eight-foot flame at something he doesn’t mean to — like, you know, his face. Plus it forces him to take a crazy Dragon Ball Z/Mortal Kombat stance to throw the fire, which really just adds to the effect.

But seriously: don’t do this at home. Even if you have some vague idea of what you’re doing, there’s so, so much that could go wrong here.

Oh, and good news: while Colin originally only promised three character-inspired projects, he says he’s had so “many suggestions for other characters” that he’s pretty sure he’ll do some more.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together: