Sony To Broadcast Its E3 Press Conference To Movie Theaters

Sony really wants you to watch its June 9th E3 2014 press conference. For the first time ever, Sony’s massive show, which is always amazing, will be available for viewing at 40-50 movie theaters across the U.S. and Canada. It’s free to attend, and space is obviously limited.

The show will also, of course, be live streamed online for those of us stuck in a cubicle (or basement office like me).

E3 press conferences are big stage productions. I attended for years and can attest that the event’s grand spectacle is lost on a computer screen. Sony and Microsoft’s press conferences have evolved past being meant just for journalists and trade insiders. It’s for gamers. Each show is easily 75% game demos, 20% cheers from the audience and 5% news.

If you cannot attend E3 in person, the opportunity to view Sony’s event on a massive screen is completely worth the price of admission — especially since it’s free.