Beats Parts Ways With Design Firm As Apple Takes Over Hardware

Now at Apple, Beats Electronics is leaving behind the design firm that made Beats synonymous in popular culture. The news came from Ammunition’s founder, Robert Brunner, in a blog post shortly after Apple finally announced the $3 billion deal.

Ammunition has been with Beats since the beginning. Originally tasked with working with Monster Cable, the firm designed the brand’s iconic headphones and boomboxes from the start. The Beats Studio, the Beats Pro and the Beats Pill are all products of Ammunition’s design.

As a studio focused on pushing the limits of what design can do to create new business opportunities, we cannot imagine a more validating outcome. My journey with Beats began with a small meeting in 2006 with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre at Interscope Records. The incredible impact that the design of Beats has had on culture as a result of our collaboration since that first meeting is still unbelievable to me. I am humbled by the thought that millions of music-loving people proudly wear Beats on streets all over the world.

As Brunner explains, the transition will happen over the coming months.

Apple is now charged with carrying Beat’s brand, design language and identity forward. Of course Apple itself should do just fine protecting its $3 billion investment.