Airbnb Now Waiving Charges For Those Displaced By The Floods In Southeast Europe

Whenever disaster hits an area that Airbnb covers, the company works with local hosts to try to offer free housing for those who’ve been impacted.

In response to the massive floods in Southeast Europe (which have killed nearly 50 people and displaced hundreds of thousands), Airbnb has enabled their “Disaster Response Tool” for people looking for a place to stay in Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia.

Through the tool, Airbnb Hosts with locations within traveling distance of the flood can opt in to offer their homes up free of charge to those who’ve been displaced. Airbnb also waives all of their normally associated fees.

The program will run until at least June 3rd.

Right now, it looks like there are about 48 locations being offered up through the program, most of them in Belgrade. It’s not enough to house everyone, of course — but that’s at least 48 people/families who have one less thing to worry about in a time that may be truly awful for them.

Whether you’ve got a place to offer or are looking for a place to stay, you can find more details here.