Spotify, Please Chill With The [Censored] Music

Spotify is a magic music box. It’s [Censored] an amazing tool. I like to [Censored] people that the $10 I send it each month is the [Censored] money I spend. Having access to such a massive catalog of tunes on every device I own is the [Censored] knees.

But Spotify has an [Censored]-interface issue that makes using it occasionally incredibly frustrating to use: Censored music.

Actually, it’s not [Censored] music that is [Censored] fault, really, it’s the inability to make the damn stuff go away. Fire up, say, the [Censored] discography, and start to shuffle. I just landed on “Beautiful.” The edited version.

Eminem actually nails how I feel: “I’m just so [Censored] depressed, I just can’t seem to get out this slump.” [Censored], Marshall.

Having edited music is just [Censored] by me. But please, please let me turn it off. I’m not a child. I don’t want the half-[Censored] versions of tracks that I know by [Censored]. It’s off-putting.

There is no Spotify setting to say, “Hey, I’m an [Censored], please don’t make me [Censored] to the versions of songs that my parents would have preferred me to hear when I was in middle [Censored] because they think that bad [Censored] are sins.” It should have one.

What’s the point of having a magic music box if it consistently [Censored] broken [Censored] of the music you know and love?

Spotify told TechCrunch that the ability to turn off [Censored] music is something that it is “looking into.”