Google Has Acquired Quest Visual, The Maker Of Camera-Based Translation App Word Lens

Word Lens wowed when it debuted back in 2010, with its tech that could translate the wording on signs captured with your smartphone’s camera automatically. Now, Quest Visual, the maker of that app, has been acquired by Google, the company announced today on its site.

With the acquisition, Google gets Quest Visual’s tech, which it will incorporate into Google Translate in the future, according to Quest Visual’s statement regarding the deal. And while the apps Quest Visual has created in the past likely won’t be supported once that transition is complete, the startup is making them available along with all language packs for free on Google Glass, Google Play and Apple’s App Store for a limited time.

Word Lens for Google Glass actually just got an update alongside a slew of new app introductions for the face-based computing platform. Chances are that Google is more interested in this tech for its broader applicability across its Google Translate platform than with regards to Google Glass specifically, however, as incorporating its features into all of its own mobile apps would likely make get it a lot of additional use.

Google confirmed the deal in an email to TechCrunch, and a spokesperson explained that Quest Visual’s talent and tech both displayed a strength that led Google to deem them a good fit for its Translate team.