Hey First World Folk, Kangaroo Light Wants To Help You Find Stuff In Your Bag

Meet the Kangaroo Light, the latest Kickstarter project from the off-the-wall design studio that created the Ostrich Pillow (and its smaller sibling, the Ostrich Pillow Light).

From a padded gizmo for not-so-stealthy-but-oh-so-comfy napping at your desk, those wacky designers at studio Banana Things have shifted their attention to another #firstworldproblem: not being able to see inside your bag as your rummage around to find your phone/keys/hipster moleskin notebook.

If all that kerfuffle trying to pin down your stuff is a serious pain point in your life, then the Kangaroo Light is for you — or it will be if it hits its Kickstarter funding goal and transforms from the current prototype demoed in the below video to shipping product.

The portable, flexible USB-rechargeable light-to-shine-in-dark-places will be touch activated and controlled, with on board sensors powering a set of commands so you can switch in on permanently or dim it for a more ambient light.

Bottom line is you won’t have to feel around to find a specific switch to turn it on. You also won’t have to leave it glowing permanently inside your bag — unless you want it to look like you’re carrying around a gestating alien life-form, in which case you’ll be able to do that too.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the light will also include an accelerometer to help power its different illumination modes (flickering, pulsing and so on). Details on how exactly the sensor/touch controls work are a little thin on the ground at this point though as it’s evidently still being worked on.

The light’s built in battery will apparently be good for 2.5 hours’ worth of continuous light before you’ll need to find a USB socket to recharge your flexible, illuminating friend.

The light is named after a kangaroo as it’s designed to hang around in a pouch, according to its makers. But you can of course stick it anywhere you like. Maybe inside that dark cupboard under the stairs while you’re looking for where you stowed last year’s mobile phone. Or as a bedside reading light, or a nightlight for kids to wake up if they get scared.

For now the Kangaroo Light remains a fun concept — with the lion’s share of £50,000 in crowdfunding needing to be found over the next 44 days. (At the time of writing it’s raised just over £5,000.)

If the team can convince enough Kickstarters to stump up for a flexible, touch-sensitive LED array they’re aiming to ship to backers this October. How much will the Kangaroo Light cost? It’s currently £40 ($67) a pop to early backers, rising to £45 ($75) thereafter. Or £80 ($134) for a pair.