Yahoo News Digest Comes To Android

Yahoo’s popular News Digest app is now available on Android, and offers two new editions of content: International and Canada. Previously, the app, which gives readers twice-daily digests of news aggregated from other outlets, had only curated news around United States and United Kingdom interests.

The app launched at the Consumer Electronics show in January, and the Yahoo team tells me user behavior has been very encouraging since then. While Yahoo Senior Director of Engineering Maria Zhang declined to comment on how many downloads or users the app has, she said 40% of the app’s total users open it every day.

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The product is extremely useful for users looking to cut through the sheer volume and noise of the 24-hour news cycle, but presents an interesting challenge to Yahoo. While most apps and sites try to keep people engaged for as long as possible, News Digest is aimed to be open and read as quickly as possible. Zhang says the average user’s session time is around two and a half minutes.

Yahoo News Digest is available for download for iOS and Android.