SV Angel And To Launch An NFL Combine For Hackers, Draft.Me

Recruiting great technical talent is a challenge for small startups, later stage companies and even public tech companies. SV Angel and one of the firm’s new startup,, is launching a new initiative to try to disrupt the technical hiring world. Taking the model of the NFL Combine, is a training ground for technical talent and hackers where employers can scout for engineers and designers.

For background, The NFL Combine is a week-long training ground where college football players basically try out for the league and undergo physical and mental tests like measuring the 40-yard dash, bench press and more. Coaches from the NFL, general managers and scouts all look at this to determine interest for the NFL Draft, which takes place shortly after. will basically do the same thing for technical talent with testing ranging from hackathons to coding quizzes and competitions and more. Stay tuned for dates and more info.
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