Sedicii Aims To Better Protect Your Passwords And Information

How many times did you enter a username, password or other details about yourself into a website today? Sedicii, which just launched onstage at Disrupt NY, aims to keep that information safer and more secure.

Sedicii uses a mathematical algorithm to verify your information or password without actually sending it to a website for verification. On the front end, things look the same for the user entering a password, their address or other information.

Merchants can add a few lines of JavaScript on a payment page or registration form to communicate with Sedicii’s servers. Sedicii then runs a series of tests against the site, which can confirm if the password is correct or incorrect without actually passing the password to a merchant’s website. Thus, if that company is hacked, your password is not on their servers and your information cannot be stolen. 

Founder and CEO Rob Leslie launched Sedicii onstage, demonstrating how an online shopper can place an order and have their bank information verified with Sedicii.

“Identity is enormous. It underlies every transaction,” Leslie said.

The company will sell its authentication technology under an enterprise license and charge a transaction fee for real-time identity verification.

Sedicii, which raised $75,000 from the Oxygen Accelerator in London, is looking to raise a more substantial round of capital soon.

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