Hansure Soft Launches, Aims To Help Doctors Keep Their Hands Clean All The Time

Hansure, a Czech company built by a team of Indian designers, is soft launching their unique hand cleansing solution today in honor of Global Hand Hygiene Day, which is apparently a thing. Their goal? To reduce Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and other deadly infections in hospitals by outfitting doctors with portable hand sanitizers.

The Hansure is essentially a hand sanitizer that clips to your belt. Rather than installing a hand sanitizer in every room, the doctor or nurse carries it around with them and replenishes the sanitizer with removable cartridges. There are two versions, a mechanical system that simply squeezes out sanitizer and an automatic one that can actually track uses and, surprisingly, even notifies you when your posture is bad.

The team built their product because they realized doctors in developing countries didn’t have access to the tools needed to remain sanitary. While many hospitals might not be able to add dispensers to every room, they can at least offer them to health care workers as they make their rounds.

The founders call themselves Observe Design and were part of the Stanford India Biodesign department. They grabbed mentorship from Czech ICT and others and are now based in the Czech Republic.

You can pre-order the product now online. The mechanical version costs $24 while the no-touch solution costs $54. Refills cost a few dollars.

While the idea seems simple–why not just give doctors bottles of hand sanitizer–this team offers an all-in-one, intelligent solution with lots of value add features including reporting for health care managers who can use the data to understand how and when their workers are keeping clean. The team also recommends the product for travelers and food service folks, which seems like a great additional use case.