General Catalyst Backs Agile Software Development Shop For Government Orgs, OGSystems

OGSystems is announcing an undisclosed amount of funding from VC firm General Catalyst, and the appointment of Tad Elmer, an XIR at the firm and former CEO of BBN Technologies to its board of directors.

As part of GC’s XIR program, former CEOs and founders identify investments in an industry and work alongside founders to provide leadership, mentorship and operational support. The idea is the XIR becomes the chairman of the board of one of these companies, and General Catalyst will put an institutional investment in the company.

In many ways OGSystems is like a consultancy similar to Accenture, but on a smaller scale. The company develops agile software and integration solutions for federal and commercial clients including those in the Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community and commercial clients. The company says that its VIPER development approach, which allows for a more open and agile development playground for creative engineers.

The company says it has seen a growth rate of over 100% year-over-year since inception and employs over 220 geospatial engineers, software developers, data scientists and analysts, and mission subject matter experts.