Popcorn Time Is Coming To Android As Soon As Tomorrow

Popcorn Time’s evolution continues. A popular fork of the original software is launching on Android as soon as tomorrow baring any unforeseen delays, one of the developers tells TechCrunch. The software also recently gained TV shows from HBO and others, making it a one-stop-shop for all your pirating needs.

Like the original, this version of Popcorn Time makes it a watching pirated movies a trivial task. It’s essentially Netflix with content you actually want to watch. And it’s free — and a bit shady since, you know, it’s pirated content. Since TechCrunch first covered Popcorn Time, the software has become more stable and gained additional content and features including TV shows.

The developers of this fork of Popcorn Time tells TechCrunch that they have yet to receive any legal flak from the MPAA or others. But they’re prepared if it comes. And with the Android app soon launching, the increase in attention might catch the eye¬†of Hollywood’s legal hounds.

True to its original mission, the source code for the Android version will eventually be available on GitHub. Transparency could be Popcorn Time’s best defense.