Maker Studios Nabs FailArmy And Other Viral Channels From Jukin Media

YouTube network Maker Studios is taking over management and monetization of a whole bunch of viral video channels that are managed by Jukin Media. The portfolio of content includes FailArmy‘s collection of fails, as well as 30 other viral video channels such as JukinVideo, BatDad, and CutiesNFuzzies. Together, those channels get more than 400 million monthly views.

As part of the deal, Maker will take over the Jukin FailArmy website and insert its own video player. It also plans to improve the quality of videos by co-producing a new series of high-value shows leveraging Jukin’s clip library.

The deal was announced about a month after Maker Studios was acquired by Disney for $500 million, with an additional $450 million in performance based earnouts. Maker represents thousands of creators who have hundreds of millions of subscribers and together have 5.5 billion video views per month.