Codasip Secures $2.8M Funding Led By Credo Ventures

Codasip is an ‘application specific processor design tool’ and IP provider. Today it’s closed its first round of public funding totalling $2.8 million to push its technology product forward. The funding is being led by Credo Ventures, a VC based in the Czech Republic, and includes additional funds from multiple private investors.

In case you’re wondering, an application-specific instruction-set processor (or ASIP) is a component used in system-on-a-chip design. What Codasip has down is to develop as technology that enables ASIP’s to be programmed using the same standard flows as existing processors.

With the growth of mobile devices, the future of the Internet of things (IoT) and many other advances in technology is driving demand for extremely low power processors that perform very specialized tasks. One area that is booming is medicine.

ASIPs play their part by optimizing the processor instruction set to the needs of the application, which in turn can improve performance by orders of magnitude over normal techniques which are usually very complex.

Codasip says it has a platform to make it much easier to develop and program ASIP designs, delivering the power of ASIP with the simplicity of standard processors.

In other words: Shit just got faster.