More Details Emerge About LG’s Upcoming Smartwatch

LG’s upcoming smartwatch will be water- and dust-resistant. Essentially it can be worn to the beach and it will be just fine. Or to a sprinkler party in a dusty warehouse. Either way, the watch will survive.

The news comes from the G Watch’s new product site on where it was also revealed that the watch will come in two colors: “stealth black” or “champagne gold”. The band seems to be of the cheap, rubber sort, but looks to be connected to the watch using a standard pin so owners should be able to replace it.

The microsite also notes that the display is always on. “A screen that never sleeps,” it says. That feature would set the G Watch apart from the Samsung Gear which requires a flick of motion to display the screen. Likewise, with an always-on screen, the battery life will probably be shorter than Samsung’s smartwatches.

Price and release date are still unknown. LG originally stated that the watch would hit this summer and the launch of this microsite seems to indicate that the watch is on schedule.