High School Students End The Scourge Of Watery Ketchup With 3D Printing


Kids these days! If they’re not wilding and smoking doobies, they’re using CAD/CAM software and a lot of engineering insight to build a ketchup bottle cap that ensures that you will never have to deal with the messy separated liquid that squirts out before the actual ketchup does.

The students, Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, go to North Liberty High School and are part of Project Lead The Way, a STEM education project that aims to bring students closer to technology. Richards and Thompson used the skills they learned in the program to brainstorm, design, and print a clever new cap that ensures that only sloppy, delicious ketchup comes out of the bottle instead of the weak, tea-like slop that comes out as a sort of pre-condimental mess.

Sadly, not everyone on YouTube enjoys a good engineering challenge. One soggy bun wrote:

Just shake the bottle Geez. Now if you can figure out a way to get the ketchup to come out in a nice even stream instead of the explode ketchup all over the hot dog bun and surrounding items THAT would be worth something.

Geez, indeed. More like “Geez, these kids created a cooler cap for ketchup using tools that are accessible to the average high school student and are getting world-wide recognition for their efforts.” Geez.