Watch The Oculus Rift Get Torn To Pieces In Glorious Stop Motion

As long as I can remember, I’ve disassembled (and sometimes even reassembled!) every gadget I could get my hands on.

But for some reason, gadget teardown photos and videos — so popular across the Interwebs whenever Apple or Samsung release some new thing — have never really done it for me.

But this? This I like.


The latest in a stopmotion series from Vsauce, the increasingly massive network of geek-centric YouTube channels, the video tears apart the $2 billion dollar headset in about as much detail as you could possibly cram into 2 minutes and ten seconds. And because they fill the gaps in time with little onscreen bits of trivia, you might actually learn something!

And seriously, it’s neat as hell. Now I want to see everything torn apart like this.

It’s actually kind of amazing how simple the Rift looks (emphasis on “looks”) under the hood.

[Via Kotaku]

Update: Oh, and the PS4 and Xbox One!