Optimizely Brings Its A/B Testing Platform To iOS Apps

Optimizely, the popular service for testing out different variations of your website, today announced the launch of Optimizely for iOS.

The company says its new mobile tools allow customers to try out different interface and content changes to their iOS apps in real-time, without going through App Store approval. Thanks to the Optimizely Visual Editor, no coding is required to make these changes.

While Optimizely is the big name in A/B testing on the web, we’ve written about a number of other services that have launched on mobile, including Apptimize and Taplytics. One of Optimizely’s selling points is the idea that you can run your web and mobile app tests from the same place.

“We believe that website and mobile app testing are no different from each other in the sense that data enables our customers to deliver the best possible experience to their visitors, regardless of device,” said CEO Dan Siroker in the product press release.

Optimizely made today’s announcement as part of OptiCon, its first customer conference. The company says it has more than 6,000 customers, including Starbucks, Disney, and CNN.