Google Launches Home Try-On Program For Glass

Interested in owning Google Glass, but not sure how it will look on your face? Google now has an in-home try-on program that lets prospective buyers try all four colors of Glass and the entire Titanium Collection in different colors for free.

Sadly, these units do not work, so prospective buyers will not be able to play around with the interface. 9to5google reports theses are returned units which have their USB ports destroyed, preventing charging. After all, Google does not want people to keep these units.

The program is free but a $50 charge is placed on a credit card and removed when the units are returned.

The program is not listed on the Glass site. Apparently details of the program were emailed to prospective buyers who previously told Google they were interested in buying Glass. However, chances are, anyone can call the number listed on the email below and sign-up for the program. Google wants to get Glass on people’s faces.