Instagram Just Got A Whole Lot More Biden

What photo sharing network would be complete without U.S. Vice President Joe Biden? The answer is none, which makes Instagram the first network to qualify. The veep signed up and posted his first image today, though the first pic is actually from his office staff and not Biden himself, ol’ Joe will be posting his own shots too, and those will be signed by the man himself to distinguish them from staffer shots.

Here’s the first official VP post, which is non-traditional in that it’s neither square nor shot with a mobile camera (dat sweet background blur indicates something in the DSLR range). It’s also noteworthy that this is basically the best presumably unpaid Ray-Ban advertisement the sunglass-maker could hope for. Also worth noting that I think me and the Vice President have the same shades (along with many, many others of course).

Obama’s been on Instagram for a while now, but now we’ll get our own serving of photo snapshot Cup of Joe moments, too, and that’s a reason to celebrate. Plus that “vp” username is hella cool.