Google Actually Sells Out Of A Google Glass Model

Apparently some people still want Google Glass. The white model sold out several hours after Google allowed anyone to purchase the product. Models of the other colors are still available — at least until Google stops selling the product tonight.

For today only, Google made Glass available to anyone. This is the first time since the product’s announcement that Google has allowed the general public to purchase Glass. Previously, interested buyers either had to apply to┬ápurchase the product or receive an invite from someone previously deemed nerdy enough by Google.

The white model, Cotton is the official name, sold out shortly after 3:00 p.m. eastern time. Sky, Charcoal, Shale, and Tangerine are still available as of writing.

Since Google Glass was announced in 2012, the general perception of the product has digressed from optimistic to absurdity. In some circles, Glass is now the punchline instead of the moonshot it once was. Yet there are clearly still some people who are curious enough to spend $1,500 to beta test the product for Google (including me).