Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview Now Available For All

Windows Phone 8.1 has arrived today as Microsoft promised at its Build conference this year. The release is a developer preview, not the final build, but it’s also not restricted to developers; Microsoft makes it easy for anyone to install the update to Windows Phone 8, simply by signing up for a free Microsoft developer account and starting a project.

To get the update, go to the Windows Phone App Studio web page and sign in with your MS credentials. Start your own project (don’t worry, you never have to actually build anything if you don’t want to) and then grab the companion Windows Phone app that tells your phone to look for the update. The check for a new update in the software update section of settings in your Windows Phone. All Windows Phone 8 devices are compatible with the Windows Phone 8.1 update.

Caveats include the usual voided warranty that comes when using pre-release software, and you can’t roll back to Windows Phone 8, so this still isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s also worth noting that Cortana is available only on U.S. devices at first, so you’ll have to switch your phone to U.S. region to experience it. I’m intent on checking out the virtual assistant so I’m happy to risk all the disclaimers above, but buyer (or in this case, free downloader) beware.

via The Verge