Triage Raises Seed Financing For Its Integrated Notification And Collaboration App

As startup app developer Triage prepares to move from the Bay Area to New York, the company has closed on roughly $1.1 million in a seed round of financing from a clutch of New York-focused investment firms.

Vast Ventures and Lerer Ventures are investing in the seed round, as is the New York and Boston-focused firm Flybridge Capital Partners.

Triage is developing a workflow management and collaboration application initially targeting software developers, according to the company’s co-founder Charlie White.

“We’re going to target developers and technical teams first,” White said. A developer himself, White launched Triage with two partners to develop an application that would integrate notifications from different workflow programs in a single stream for mobile devices.

“You get so many emails coming from the applications that you use, that your entire inbox is overloaded with these application emails. The alternative is putting a gmail filter on everything and then you see nothing,” White said. “You’re really stuck in this all or nothing dilemma.”

Some of the apps that Triage tracks and integrates include Bitbucket, Crashlytics, Dropbox, Github, Heroku, New Relic, and Stripe.

The Triage team began developing the application in September and launched an alpha test version of the product in November. The company intends to release a beta version of the product in early June, White said.

June is also the date when White and his brother, co-founder JT White, will pick up stakes and relocate from the Bay Area to the East Coast.

“In San Francisco there’s so much going on and there’s so much machinery in place that it’s hard to stand out, and it’s hard to recruit,” said White. “Investors in New York move quicker… and maybe we’ll be able to stand out more.”

“It’s hard to get granular visibility into what’s going on inside your company,” said Aniq Rahman a serial entrepreneur and advisor with Vast Ventures. “There are all of these little software as a service applications that have been built for that, but at the end of the day if you’re on a mobile device and you want to get a view of that you have to open 50 different apps on your phone. Triage allows you to communicate with your team across those applications.”