Sonos Adds Google Play Music Support With A Little Bonus

Finally! Sonos now supports Google Play Music and even allows Android users to cast music to a speaker a la Chromecast and bypass the Sonos app entirely. Users do not need to subscribe to Google’s music service. Support was also added for the free cloud locker.

As Gigaom reports, this is the first time Sonos has allowed a third-party app to interact directly with its speakers. Up until now, all music played through a Sonos speaker had to be controlled through the Sonos app — that’s not a bad thing, but the native support is a welcomed addition.

This functionality was added to the app within 25 countries and available now. While Google Play Music can work independently from the Sonos app, users still need to have the Sonos app installed on the smartphone. Music is played through the cloud, so once initiated, the tunes will keep rocking even if the smartphone is switched off.