Aereo Plans To Launch Chromecast Support On May 29th

Despite being in the middle of a battle to convince the Supreme Court that their service isn’t illegal, Aereo rolls on.

In case you’ve missed it: Aereo rents HDTV antennas to cordcutters for $8 a month to let them view and record live TV from their phones, tablets, and computers. The antenna stays at Aereo’s HQ, and all of the video data is piped to users across the Internet. Cable companies argue that because Aereo isn’t paying the retransmission fee that cable companies are required to pay, what Aereo is doing is illegal. They’ve dragged the matter into federal court twice now, and the courts ruled in Aereo’s favor both times; the Supreme Court is set to hear the case on April 22nd.

Following up on an informal pledge first made back in December, Aereo has just officially announced plans to support Chromecast by May 29th.

One catch: for now, at least, Aereo’s Chromecast support seems to be limited to Android. While Aereo does have an iOS app, there’s no mention of Chromecast support coming to it just yet.

Of course, this all depends on Aereo … you know, still being around by the end of May. According to Aereo investor Barry Diller, the company is more or less done for if the Supreme Court rules against them.