Amazon Fire TV Replaces Chromecast Atop Amazon’s Best Sellers List

Don’t be surprised. The Amazon Fire TV now occupies the top spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers electronics list. Google’s Chromecast streaming stick previously held the spot after displacing the Kindle shortly after its launch.

Amazon has never detailed the metrics used to generate the Best Sellers lists. Clearly it uses data complied over a short period of time since the Fire TV just became available last week. Or the boards are rigged.

With the Fire TV on the list, five out of the 10 best-selling electronics on Amazon are media streamers, including the Chromecast, two Roku models and the Apple TV.

The Fire TV launched to much fanfare last week and has since enjoyed a large product placement on the front page of Amazon. The tempting ad is impossible to miss. And apparently Amazon shoppers are taking the bait.