Report Claims Google Is Exploring Offering Wireless Carrier Services

Google is exploring launching a wireless carrier service, according to The Information. The report cites a meeting between Google and Verizon officials in which the possibility of a Google MVNO was discussed.

At this point, with Google Fiber and ever-expanding Nexus brand, it would be irresponsible for Google not to explore the possibility of a launching such a service.

In 2013, Google reportedly talked to Sprint to launch a wireless carrier service that leaned on Sprint’s network. Google had long worked with Sprint, offering a complete Google Voice package on its wireless devices.

This time around, Google could look to Verizon or T-Mobile to piggyback on.

If a Google MVNO does come to fruition, while the end game could be to take on major wireless carriers, chances are the initial offering would be small like in the case of Google Fiber. If the interest is there, Google would likely ramp up the offering to better compete. If anything, Google is not afraid to fail.