Dots Just Got More Addictive With Challenge Mode

Dots, my favorite iOS game for about 2 and half weeks last May, is still going strong nearly a year after launching and is today launching a significant new feature. Challenge Mode.

In the past, Dots players had to go through the hassle of taking a screenshot of their dots count or comparing scores over social media. But now, with Challenge Mode, players can face each other in head-to-head competition.

As the name suggests, Challenge Mode pairs dots players for a 60 second dots-off. Highest score wins. Matches are made through Facebook or email and works on both the Android and iOS app. But players can cheat.

Since launch, Dots has been a free download, relying on in-app purchases for monetization. One of those power-ups that can be purchased adds an additional 10 seconds onto the game. Even in Challenge Mode. So is your soul worth $.99 to extend the game by an additional 10 seconds? Probably.

I’m told Dots has seen tremendous growth since launch and currently sees 500k daily active users. Active users in the U.S. might have slightly dipped but thanks to an aggressive international expansion, there are more players now than ever, with 500 million games played monthly.

I still haven’t bested my top score of 389.