Showyou Adds Chromecast Support And Personalized Channel Categories

Video discovery startup Showyou has released an update to its apps that will make it easier for viewers to stream videos from their mobile phones and tablets to the TV via Chromecast. The company has also made changes to its channels, allowing users to tune into personalized feeds for categories like News or Sports, while also improving the ability to make their own channels.

Showyou’s apps will now both work with Chromecast, providing a new, seamless way for users to beam video streams to the TV with one tap. That addition follows long-time support for AirPlay on its iOS apps. But with support for both iOS and Android, Chromecast support should increase the number of people who connect their mobile phones or tablets with the TV.

The new version also has new, personalized channel feeds for categories like news, sports, entertainment, and technology that are automatically created based on a user’s social feeds and her previous activity like sharing or watching videos on the platform.

The company has also revised the channel program that it rolled out last year, which allows users, publishers and brands to build their own collections of content. Now totally free to start, the platform will offer additional premium features like advanced stats or ad insertion for folks who want that sort of thing.