HP: That Big 3D Printing Announcement In June? Never mind!

Remember last week, when HP CEO Meg Whitman casually mentioned the company’s plans to make a “big technology announcement” about 3D printing some time in June?

Whoops! Looks like she spoke a bit too early. While HP is still looking to make some mysterious 3D printing announcement, they’re quietly backpedaling on the whole “in June” thing.

The good news: whatever 3D printing problems they’ve cracked, they’re still planning on showing them off them eventually. Bad news? They’re now aiming for “the end of [HP’s] fiscal year” — which means they might stay mum until as late as October 31st.

Word of the schedule change comes from a small blurp of text added to a month-old page on HP’s own site. An interview with the Director/CTO of HP Labs (HP’s primary research group) was quietly updated with the following new intro:

During our Annual Meeting of Stockholders on March 19, HP answered a shareholder question about our 3-D printing program and inadvertently stated that we would be making a technology announcement in June, when in fact we are planning to make that announcement by the end of our fiscal year. Stay tuned…