Watch The Myo Armband Make One 2048 Addict Feel Like He’s “A Part” Of The Game

In a new demo video of how Thalmic Labs’ Myo gesture control armband might be used to control devices in the future, we see a player of the addictive puzzler 2048 interacting with the game with hand and finger movements, as picked up by the interface accessory. Myo developer kits are in the wild currently, and all kinds of software just like this is bubbling up as a result.

This new Myo integration is built by Brandyn White, CEO of Dapper Vision and a PhD student in computer science at the University of Maryland. His WearScript library was originally designed to make it easy to hack apps for Google Glass, but in the video above, it’s being applied to Myo programming to make it possible to control up/down/left/right movement actions for 2048, the puzzle game where you combine multiples of two to attempt to build to a score of (duh) 2048. If you’ve played Threes and have a problem putting that game down, don’t pick up 2048 by the way. Especially not the Doge version.

Myo is designed to be used with all types of devices. The most exciting yet is probably Oculus Rift integration, but this demo video starts to show how it might even provide an interesting way to work with your smartphone in the future, too.