Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen To Talk About The Future Of 3D Printing At Disrupt NY 2014

3D printing is the best kind of printing and Peter Weijmarshausen is one of the biggest names in this emerging market. His company, Shapeways, is the largest 3D-printing marketplace in the world and has brought millions of 3D-printed products to market since its inception in 2007. We’re thrilled to announced that Weijmarshausen will be joining us for an onstage interview at Disrupt NY 2014 to talk about the future of 3D printing and how new printers, materials, and patents will rocket us into a wild new future.

While some companies like Makerbot are trying to bring cheap 3D printers to the masses, Shapeways thinks it can do 3D printing more cost-effectively by having makers offload that work to Shapeways’ 3D printers. Shapeways is aggressively working with companies like Adobe to bring 3D printing functionality to tools like Photoshop, and they continually refine their developer portal and API to ensure better 3D printing apps and tools are brought to market.

Shapeways is the world’s largest 3D-printing marketplace and community, letting users fully customize and print their designs, then sell it on the Shapeways market to consumers. They’re continually experimenting with new materials like ElastoPlastic, and aggressively expanding with awesome new facilities like the one I toured last year in Queens. The company has raised $47.3 million across four funding rounds, most recently in April 2013 with a $30 million Series C round.

Weijmarshausen, a Netherlands native, co-founded Shapeways in 2007 with Royal Philips Electronics colleagues Robert Schouwenburg and Marleen Vogelaar. The idea for Shapeways was initially dreamed up within Royal Philips’ design department, and the company was split off from Royal Philips to become a separate business entity. From there, the idea was further refined under the Philips Lifestyle Incubator program, a startup accelerator that enables entrepreneurs with new ideas and business concepts to grow those into companies.

This will be Weijmarshausen’s first time on the Disrupt NY stage. He joins other notable founders speaking at Disrupt NY, including Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox, Renaud Laplanche of Lending Club, and Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler. More speakers are set to be announced in the coming weeks as the event nears.

Disrupt NY will take over the Manhattan Center in New York City on May 5-7. Tickets can be purchased here, and if you’re interested in being a sponsor, please contact our sponsorship team here.

Photo: Shapeways