Twitter #Music To Be Pulled From App Store Today, Will Shut Down Completely On April 18

Twitter just announced that it will be removing its #Music app from the App Store “later this afternoon.” For those who have already downloaded it, the app will stop working on April 18.

#Music’s disappearance is no surprise. After a high-profile launch early last year, the app’s popularity waned, and by the fall it was regarded as a failure, with both AllThingsD and The New York Times reporting on its likely demise.

With the app, Twitter aimed to highlight music that was trending on the service. In hindsight, however, it suffered from being a largely passive consumption experience, and from its isolation from the context of Twitter’s broader conversations.

Plus, if you ask me, the hashtag in the name always looked pretty silly.

While the #Music app is being shut down, Twitter says it will “continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter.”