Twitter Encourages Navel Gazing With Tool For Finding Your First Tweet

Twitter has launched a microsite called “#FirstTweet” that helps you find your point of origin on the social network site, which, if you’re a regular user and have been a member for a while, might otherwise be hard to do. Using the website, you simply type in your Twitter handle (or any Twitter handle), hit enter and find out what you published the first time you used the microblogging service.

Mine, predictably, is neither profound nor interesting:

Chances are, yours is the same. In fact, Valleywag’s Sam Biddle likely has it right when it comes to most #FirstTweets:

Even so, Twitter has built a sharing feature into its page, allowing you to not only tweet your fumbling first steps into real-time social confessional, but also to post it to Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Facebook. And even if your own isn’t necessarily worth rebroadcasting, the first tweets of other, more notable figures sometimes are.

Consider Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, for instance:

Or Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:

Or TechCrunch:

Twitter’s new website hooks you with curiosity over how you thought you’d use the service when you first signed up, but the real lasting fun is in checking out what others thought it was for when they kicked off their journeys with the blue bird. Just remember before you go down the rabbit hole: It’s still a work day.