Samsung Targets The iPad, Surface And Kindle With New Galaxy Pro Tablet Ad


Samsung is never shy about throwing shade on its competitors, and a new ad for its Galaxy Pro series of tablets is no exception. The new video calls out not only Apple’s iPad, but also the Microsoft Surface and Amazon Kindle by name as it emphasizes the things its Android-powered, business-focused devices can do that those other tablets cannot.

Personally, my favorite part of the whole thing comes when two Samsung users question whether the Microsoft Surface can even be called a tablet at all, since it walks and talks like a laptop. Also, Samsung predictably leads with a swipe at Apple, which it admittedly gives a decent amount of credit by including it as a participant in a cross-platform business video teleconference.

The Kindle gets shortest shrift in the whole thing, with a blanket dismissal on it being little more than a reading device. Sick burn Samsung, bet Bezos has steam coming out of his ears like a foiled cartoon villain.

Bonus feature: Samsung has loaded the spot up with disclaimers in small print at the bottom talking about simulated screen images, and how its multi-window multitasking software doesn’t work with all apps. That’s leaving plenty of room for a counterattack, Sammy. Just saying.