Digigage Is A Signage Solution That Turns Your Elevator Into An Aquarium

Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! Tel Aviv-based Digigage has created a new form of digital screen for elevators that “adds depth,” “can transport occupants to a completely new environment,” and generally ensure that you won’t have to look anyone in the eye while riding up to the twentieth floor.

oceanThe screen, which is embedded in the elevator wall, senses the motion of the car and reacts accordingly. On screen images rise or fall with the movement and it creates a sort of digital, interactive wallpaper that follows you on your ride. You can dive (or surface) from a coral reef or delve deep into a clockwork world and management can even add news and updates to the screen.

Do elevators need huge screens? Who knows, but Digigage is optimistic.

eiffel1“We are aiming to become a universal platform for content and information tailored to the elevator market. Any elevator company can add the system to their elevators in order to enhance the passenger experience and building communication while using their product,” said CEO Jonathan Einav.

The product is still in its early stages and you probably need a fairly tall building to get the full effect. It is definitely a step up from those tinny TVs you find in high-rise elevators and anything that will allow me to avoid interaction with the other humans in a small metal box hurtling up into space is just fine in my misanthropic book. It is, after all, a most elusive fish.