Evergig Opens Beta For Crowd-Captured Video Of Concerts With Better Sound

You’re a musician that needs to make your music video look good. You might use Outlisten. On Fanfootage you could create a video by getting fans to video your gig from many angles. So there are a few sites offering these video tools. In particular, apps syncing fan videos from a gig are proliferating. Few are able to add high quality sound. FanFootage does this via HD recordings approved by the artist, but there may be another way.

Evergig, which has now launched its open beta (you can simply sign up to be let in), is a service for sharing and watching concert videos, captured by fans. Fans decide with one click which concerts are generated. This pings the bands to encourage fans to film the concert with the app.

Evergig then allows crowdsourced concert videos to be synchronized with HD audio (thanks to deals with labels), or by processing the sound on the captured video to improve it. It ranks all the captured footage against an algorithm and then edits the best of each fan-filmed sequence with the professional sound. The result can be watched on evergig.com or shared online. They claim to have a patient for all this.

Here’s a U2 concert for instance. In that respect it’s close to Switchcam.

So far the Paris-based startup has raised $1.35M from Partech Ventures and 360 Capital Partners.