Nurph App Turns A Twitter Handle Into A Real-Time Chat Room For Friends, Brands

Back in 2010, Nurph was a tiny boot-strapped startup working on a platform which turned Twitter into a realtime chat platform. Developed by Neil Cauldwell, the app got a little Angel cash and tinkered away. Nurph chats are very easy to create with a Twitter handle (like TechCrunch) and a place to invite friends to join and chat in real-time, instead of via slower @ replies. Just be warned though. This is not a private chat room – anything you post goes onto your main Twitter timeline, so people may not quite get the context.

Now, the guys have somehow managed to survive on Ramen Noodles all this time to finally close another Angel funding round led by Paul Ratcliff and a few others. Ratcliff founded Hatton Blue, an early CRM pioneer, and has invested in Symbios Group among others. The startup has now had a total of £200,000 invested so far.

Cauldwell says: “A lot has changed since 2010!”. They are now launching Nurph Channels. These are Twitter-based real-time chats for businesses, brands or communities. Your can record these group chats and play them back like a video, get analytics and search them.

Try these out for size. The latest to use them is Entrepreneur magazine.