Movable Ink Launches agileEMAIL, A Platform For Email Marketing

Startup Movable Ink has been trying to improve marketing emails with real-time content, and now it’s launching a broader platform called agileEMAIL. Co-founder and CEO Vivek Sharma said agileEMAIL includes the company’s older tools, but where it previously offered a “piecemeal solution,” with the new platform it’s taking “a broader view.”

So Movable Ink will still allow companies to embed live and personalized content into their emails. However, agileEMAIL is a full platform for creating email campaigns and analyzing the results — the goal, basically, is to make it easier and faster to create those emails, and to make the content of those emails more targeted and up-to-date.

The platform consists of several modules, including a Workflow module that’s supposed to import a design and turn it into an HTML template in “minutes.” There’s also an Action module for testing different emails and targeting the content based on things like geography and device, and an Insights module that offers data that goes beyond how many people opened and clicked on your email, so it includes things like cross-channel conversion.

The company says agileEMAIL can be integrated with any email deployment service. The launch partners using the platform include Finish Line, RadioShack, and Time Inc.

Sharma argued that these kinds of tools aren’t just good for marketers. If you don’t like email marketing, he suggested that it’s probably because you’ve had “such a lousy experience with cookie-cutter campaigns” — the kind of campaign that Movable Ink is trying to do away with.

“We think there’s an opportunity to create a magical experience for the inbox,” he said, adding that with agileEMAIL, “Marketers don’t have an excuse to be lazy anymore.”

You can read more about the platform here.