Comcast Subscribers Can Now Watch “House Of Cards” Without Netflix

With a click of a button in the Xfinity Store, Comcast subscribers will soon be able to purchase access to House of Cards — Netflix is not required. The option should hit the service soon. Only the first season of the show is currently available.

Variety is reporting today that the Emmy-winning series is available through a deal Comcast struck with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The news comes from Neil Smit, Comcast Cable president and CEO, speaking today at Deutsche Bank’s 2014 Media, Internet and Telecom Conference.

“Orange is the New Black” will be available on the Xfinity Store on May 13th through a similar deal with Lionsgate.

The price, if there is one, is not noted in the Variety report.

The deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also provides new movies to Comcast subscribers. “American Hustle” drops tomorrow. “Breaking Bad,” “Captain Phillips,” “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “21 Jump Street” all hit Comcast’s streaming service in the coming weeks.

The Xfinity Store launched in November as a sort of answer to Netflix and Amazon Instant video. Like its counterparts Xfinity Store offers on-demand video streaming on a variety of devices but it’s limited to just Comcast subscribers. Content is available for purchase and rental although there is free content on it as well.