Arthur Nakamoto “Is Not Convinced” His Brother Is The Real Satoshi

In another interesting wrinkle to the ongoing is-he-or-isn’t-he Satoshi story, the alleged Bitcoin creator’s brother Arthur has come forward to address some of the questions and concerns regarding Newsweek’s reporting.

In a heartfelt note posted to Reddit with proof of identity (preceded by a shorter note this weekend), Arthur Nakamoto described how sorry was that he called his brother an “asshole” and noted that the AP reporter who interviewed Nakamoto was the only one who listened to his brother’s request for a reporter to buy him lunch.

As for the question whether or not Dorian was the grandfather of BTC, Arthur demurs:

With that, I am now convinced that my brother is not the “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Can he do it? I think, Yes. I believe it and what’s more important is that he is among a very select few of people of “extreme interest” as it was told to me by authority on Friday.

The notes, written in a halting style, describe the “hell” the family had gone through after the Newsweek article appeared.

Dorian and his brother, Arthur

After the Newsweek article claiming that Dorian Nakamoto was the real creator of Bitcoin appeared last week, the rumors and confusing reports have been running hot and heavy. After a denial by Nakamoto these posts appeared on Reddit and Newsweek editorial has subsequently stood up to defend the article. In the end, these ringing confirmations and denials only stand to further muddy the bitcoin waters, creating more spectacle than substance. But, it seems, at least Dorian got a free lunch out of this mess.