The White House Is Looking For More Innovation Fellows

The White House is so happy with its internal residential hackers program that it’s making room for another round of job opportunities. Members of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program work under the office of the Chief Technology Officer, and are largely responsible for opening stores of government data to the public and making tools more participatory.

Since the program was first launched at our own TechCrunch Disrupt Conference two years ago, fellows have designed projects that allow millions of Americans to download their health records and build tools that help reduce energy consumption [PDF].

Some of the projects are still ongoing from the initial launch and were sorely needed to help with the debacle, such as RFP-EZ, a project to help small businesses apply for government contracts. I just hope that, as the White House institutionalized this residential hackers program, it takes their projects more seriously and implements their ideas with major laws.

Learn more about the program here.

[Image Credit: Flickr User Glyn Lowe Photoworks]