Windows Phone Surpasses BlackBerry In The US Despite Flat Market Share

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The dogfight between BlackBerry and Windows Phone in the U.S. has a new leader. Microsoft’s smartphone platform now controls more market share than that of the Canadian firm. But there is more to the story. New Comscore data indicates that even while besting BlackBerry at last, Windows Phone’s market share in the U.S. isn’t budging.

Is passing BlackBerry much of a feat for Windows Phone? No. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 3.21.06 PM

So yes, Windows Phone now controls more U.S. smartphone market share than BlackBerry. It also bests Symbian! Huzzah!

Not growing in the United States? Well, the larger smartphone market is still growing here in the States, so Windows Phone did sell a few more handsets in the above time period, but failing to grow more quickly than the market when you are desperate for share growth is merely water treading and no real victory.

Windows Phone is a key part of Microsoft’s larger platform strategy. And the U.S. market is shrugging. Not so good.