Purported Registry Tweak Allows Windows 8.1 Users To Snag Update 1 Before Its Public Release

We aren’t supposed to get our mitts on Windows 8.1 Update 1 for more than a month yet, but it seems that a simple registry tweak is letting folks not only get their hands on the new code, but also get it straight from the source: Microsoft via Windows Update.

TechCrunch has confirmed with a trusted source that the tweak works, and that the update is material. The only potential issue at hand is whether the new software is the full Update 1 or a portion of it. This source, who is corroborated by others claiming to have executed the software update, confirmed that it allows for the pinning of Metro apps to the task bar, and that non-desktop apps now include an ‘X’ to allow for their simple closing.

Microsoft has not returned a request for comment.

You can find the details of how to execute the upgrade here. Standard rules: Your luck if you try this; brick your PC and I will have no pity. Also, Microsoft could slam the leak shut, so hurry if you’re game.

Happy hunting.

Update 1: Microsoft ate its Wheaties this morning, and appears to have plugged the hole already. Hard to confirm, given how large the globe is, but expect a new set of leaks to follow.

Update 2: Microsoft provided TechCrunch with the following non-comment: “We look forward to sharing details about the update soon.”