Addicted To Caffeine? Jawbone’s Latest App Can Help

Caffeine is a horrible, terrible, gosh-darn-awful part of my daily life. Two cups in the morning. I’m addicted. So are many of you. We need caffeine in our blood to function. Or at least we think we do and Jawbone’s latest smartphone app will help monitor and better understand a person’s caffeine intake. You know, science.

Called UP Coffee, the free iOS app allows lets a person log caffeinated drinks. Teas, coffee, energy drinks, all of them are in there, Jawbone tells me. Best of all, when inputted, the app will display where the person’s body registers from Wired to Sleep Ready at any time.

Is there a need for an app to tell us when to go to sleep? Maybe.

Jawbone looked at data collected from 1,600 Jawbone UP devices. From the 5,000 nights studied, Jawbone identified that when a person sleeps for seven hours, they feel “were significantly more likely to report feeling optimistic, patient, focused, productive, and attractive.”

Everyone wants to feel more attractive.

The standalone Coffee UP app does not require a Jawbone UP activity tracker however. It will tell you that you’re drinking too much coffee all by itself. However, Jawbone UP and UP24 owners get added benefits of predictive data.

The UP Coffee tracks caffeine. The Jawbone UP tracks sleep. After 10 days of use, the UP Coffee app will display how much 100mg of caffeine will affect sleep later in the day. Is that afternoon cup of coffee worth it? Probably, because caffeine is that awesome.