ParaShoot Wearable Camera Gets A Redesign, Begins Shipping To Early Indiegogo Backers

The ParaShoot wearable camera that got shot down by Kickstarter before turning to Indiegogo to raise over $150,000 has finally started shipping its first production units – but backers may not recognize them. The startup has drastically redesigned its lifelogging camera with unique personalization options and a rectangular case that includes image stabilization.

ParaShoot’s design tweaks include improved recording of video, too, with 1080p HD now an option, vs. 720 in the original prototype, and battery capacity has increased from 700 mAh to 825 mAh. It also weighs one ounce, shaving a bit off the original planned weight of less than two ounces. Plus, there are customizable skins that allow buyers to change the look of their device – it’s less about hiding the always-on recorder, and more about making it fit the wearer’s style.

The features that remain in place are the ability to set capture intervals for stills or video according to intervals of a user’s choosing, as well as the ability to tap to store the last five minutes of captured media, so that it won’t be cycled through and discarded as the gadget continues its recording loop. The ParaShoot also features wireless connectivity, and can work with an Android or iOS device via its dedicated app to provide a live viewfinder or place to review stored captures.

This new camera, known as the HD Luck, is now up for pre-order for $169 on ParaShoot’s own website. It begins shipping to $500-level early access backers now, and will begin rolling out to everyone else later this month, the startup says. The new design is bold, and I suspect might appeal to a very specific type of consumer, but it’s a much more interesting approach than the recent spate of relatively drab lifelogging hardware out there, at least.