Gracenote Teams With Musicmetric To Bring Social Data To Its Rhythm Music-Recommendation Platform

Today Gracenote announced that Rhythm, its Internet radio and music recommendation service, is becoming a bit smarter with new inclusion of social data from Musicmetric.

Rhythm is a white-label service that helps companies and brands create Internet radio solutions, but doesn’t provide music licenses. Gracenote is more than willing to help connect you to a raw music provider, but is more interested in helping you curate the radio station content itself.

Gracenote is best known for its MusicID product that helps people identify individual tracks, and also can be found in Google Music and the Xbox One in various capacities.

Information from Musicmetric that Rhythm will pick up will include trends in BitTorrent activity, and what Gracenote calls “sentiment reports.” If you are going to track mentions of music as indicative of buzz regarding a track that you might want to surface for a radio station, for example, you probably want to know if that buzz is positive or negative. Otherwise, it might be Beez In The Trap all the way down.

Rhythm is not built so that you or I can spin up our own rack of radio stations tuned to our particular tastes. Instead, it’s designed for larger providers who can afford music-licensing costs to create a more holistic experience. Sadly, this means I can’t create my much wanted folk and death metal cross station just yet.

In recent news, Tribune closed its $170 million purchase of Gracenote.